History of RVCP


In December 1997, RVCP, Inc. relocated all programming to the Caravilla Education and Rehabilitation Center. The move allowed RVCP, Inc. to centralize all of the programs into one physical location. The Michael Lew Center and Alternative Program were combined into one half-way house with the ability to serve 150 clients at one time. The program is now called the Alternative Program. 

Since January 1989, RVCP, Inc. has provided Day Treatment and Outpatient services through the TREATMENT ALTERNATIVE PROGRAM (TAP), a case management program that links the criminal justice and treatment communities. In 2005, RVCP, Inc. obtained licensing for Transitional Residential Services and now has the ability to provide AODA treatment to our residential clients via the AODA Department. In 2007, a contract with Rock County began that offers Day treatment to individuals referred from Rock County Human Services.The AODA Services Department can serve up to 105 clients.

In August 2008, RVCP, Inc. opened the BELOIT YOUTH PLACE (BYP). BYP provides low cost assessments and free AODA treatment to youth ages 12 – 17. 

Since July 1986, RVCP, Inc. has administered the ALTERNATIVE SERVICE PROGRAM(ASP), monitoring community service placements for adult and juveniles. Beginning in 2010, the program began serving only the adult community service clients. On average, 95 clients are served daily.

Past RVCP, Inc. Programs

In 2001, RVCP, Inc. entered into a contract with Rock County Child Protective Services (CPS) to provide an on-site AODA Specialist. The AODA Specialist worked directly with CPS staff to facilitate timely AODA screenings on any CPS client identified with AODA issues. The AODA Specialist made recommendations based on the assessment, provided referral to community programs and followed-up on all cases to ensure compliance and treatment adequacy. The County took over this position in August 2002. 

July 1, 1997, Rock Valley Correctional Programs, Inc. (the agency changed its name in 1998 to Rock Valley Community Programs, Inc.) began AODA Evening Programming. This program was an eight-week educational and group session for clients of Division of Community Corrections. 

In 1994 and 1995, RVCP, Inc. was awarded several contracts to provide Cognitive Interventions Programs in the WAUPUN CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTE. Services were provided to a small group of inmates to assist them in their transition through the correctional system. This program ended in June 1996.

In 1995, RVCP, Inc. joined the partnership with Blackhawk Technical College and Rock County Jail for an outpatient program for graduates of a program at Rock County Jail (RECAP). RVCP, Inc.’s involvement in RECAP-BETA was to provide cognitive and AODA education for clients and aftercare up to one year following their release. The Recap-Beta Grant ended June 30, 1997. 

In 1992, RVCP, Inc. opened a second adult residential program, the MICHAEL LEW CENTER (MLC), which served 20 clients through the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the Department of Corrections Intensive Sanctions. This program merged with the Alternative Program at the end of 1997 when RVCP, Inc. moved to a larger facility. 

From 1991 – 1994, RVCP, Inc. provided AODA services to residents in low income housing through the BELOIT DRUG ELIMINATION PROGRAM (BDEP).

In 1990, RVCP, Inc. started 2 programs for juveniles for daily treatment and support services. The Systematic Treatment of Adjudicated Youth (STAY) ended in 1992 and the Juvenile Evening Treatment was a one-year pilot program. The Youthful Offender Addiction Intervention Program ran from 1990 – 1993 and was an intensive case management program for the 16-25 age groups of offenders.

In 1990, RVCP, Inc. established a Counselor at THOMPSON CAMP CENTER (TCC) to facilitate AODA and cognitive restructuring groups. This service developed over the years from a part-time counselor to a full-time counselor/program manager serving this institution. In June 1996 this program ended.

After five years of developing and piloting a design, the BELOIT SUBSTANCE ABUSE DAY PROGRAM (BSAD) began operation in 1988. BSAD was the first day treatment model for male and female, substance abusing offenders and gained national recognition. The INTENSIVE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM FOR ADDICTIONS AND COGNITIVE THERAPY PROGRAM (IMPACT) replaced BSAD Program, providing services to address violence in addition to substance abuse and criminal thinking issues. This program ended June 30, 1997. 

The Family Based Juvenile Intervention Program began in 1988, providing home based treatment for adjudicated youth and their family. This program ended in December 1992.

In 1988, RVCP, Inc. contracted with the Department of Corrections to provide AODA and cognitive restructuring services to State inmates placed in the Rock County Jail. The Janesville Project ended in 1992 due to the removal of state inmates. 

In 1986, The Victim Offender Reconciliation Program began operation and subsequently expanded its mediation service to the Beloit Neighborhood Mediation Center in 1989. Both programs closed on January 1, 1994 due to discontinuation of funding. 

In 1977, RVCP, Inc. opened a juvenile group home. The Transitional Program (TP), provided services to youth 13-18 years old until 1994 when the group home was closed. 

RVCP, Inc. then began working in a cooperative partnership with Blackhawk Technical College and Rock County Jail for a similar program for approximately 40 Rock County Jail inmates through the ROCK COUNTY EDUCATION AD CRIMINAL ADDICTIONS PROGRAM (RECAP). RVCP, Inc.’s involvement in RECAP ended February 1, 1996.